Q. Can materials other than PET be molded?
A. PP (polypropylene), PC (polycarbonate), PEN (polyethylene naphthalate), etc. can be molded.
Q. What equipment is needed to run the machine?
A.PET dehumidification dryer
Chiller (8-14 degrees Celsius)
Cleaning tower that supplies 25-30 degree coolant water
Compressor (machine operation 0.9 Mpa, blow maximum 3.4 Mpa)
Mold dehumidifier (depends on molding room environment)
Mold temperature controller (depends on bottle shape)
Q. Can PET be colored?
A. When PET is molded, it becomes transparent and clear. In the bottle molding process, you can color the bottle by mixing coloring agents with the PET.
Q. Many people worry about the effects of plastic on health. Is PET really safe?
A. PET is used around the world for food containers and has received U.S. FDA approval, as well as having passed many health safety test.
Q. Why should I consider a one-step blow molding machine when the production volume of two-step blow molding machines is larger?
A.Reasons for choosing a one-step blow molding machine over a two-step blow molding machine are given below.
One-step blow molding machines are configured to make it difficult to put scratches on products during the bottle molding process. On the other hand, for two-step blow molding machines, because creating the preform and molding the bottle are two separate processes, the preform is likely to be damaged during preform transport process. Therefore, one-step blow molding machines are better for bottles where how they look are important (ie. for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.).
They are also suitable for molding bottles with extreme shapes and great oblateness. A preform thickness with different circumferences for optimal bottle shapes can be achieved.
They are suitable for unusual neck shapes and preform shapes, and wide-mouthed bottles.
It can take care of handles added later and special handle designs.
In addition, one-step blow molding machines are most suitable for molding from materials such as PP (polypropylene), PC (polycarbonate), etc.
Q. How much training is needed to operate the molding machine?
A. We conduct basic operational training, so customers who are operating molding machines for the first time do not need to worry. We also conduct scheduled maintenance upon the request of the customer.
Q. Do you lease out molding machines?
A. Please contact a sales representative.
Q. What is the average delivery time?
A. The average delivery time of molding machines is 3.5-4 months. We also provide quick delivery on demand.
Q. How are the machines usually delivered? Are shipping costs and insurance included?
A. We use FOB or CIF depending upon the request of the customer.
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