5 Gallon PC Jerrycan Special Packing ZCL-500-A

5 gallon PC jerrycan special packing

The machine is a set of plastic injection moulding, molding, blowing one of the stretch-blow molding machines, this machine is fully automatic single-step molding equipment. The device uses a servo drive, four-station multi-cavity mold to achieve a fully automated production. Set injection, thermostat, stretch blow molding, off the product by step, in order to improve the production process directly achieve product stabiloty,and improve the rate of qualified products, saving energy, is the first choice of modern equipment.

BLow-moulding equipment

Adopt high voltage, resistance to high-speed operation of the clamping unit, blow mould design, can be heated or cooled, and so forming the desired temperature control.

Production stability, simple operation

Control LCD touch panel console storage information can be read at any time, enter, ensure stable production of high quality products.

Item Unit ZCL-500-A
Screw Diameter mm 70-75
Screw Speed g 1060-1500
Theoretical Injection Capacity kn 500
Blow Clamping Force kn 300
Motor Power kw 55-75
Heat Capacity kw 18/4
Operating Air Pressure Mpa 0.7-0.9
Blow Pressure Mpa 2-3
Cooling Water Bar 1-3
Dimention of Machine m 7.1*2.3*5.5
Machine Weight t 13.8
Suitable Material / PET/PC

Notice: Due to our cummitment to ongoing technological progress, we reserve the right of technical alternatives without prior notice.

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